Friday, May 28, 2010

My Actual Target Trip

So..I got all but three (mascara, honey mustard, and corn) things from my list last night, but I added a few more things....of course, this is Target we are talking about :)

What I actually got:

1. Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Starter Kit is on sale for $8.69, which is $0.30 less than I thought.

I used one $5 off coupon that I printed and I used the coupon that earned me a $5 gift card that I got out of the 5/23 Smart Source Insert

I also printed the coupon for a free refill when you buy a Scrubbing Bubbles Starter Kit

So, I got the sprayer and a refill for an overage of $1.31

2. Tide 1 Load Travel Box for $0.97

I used the $1/1 Tide from the 5/2 Proctor and Gamble Insert to make it an overage of $0.03

3. Bounty Single Roll for $0.99

I used the $1/1 Bouty from the 5/16 Red Plum, but because it was a target coupon, they gave it to me for free and I didn't get the $0.01 overage.

4. Lysol Wipes were slightly more than my plan sale price. Instead of $1.89 each, they were $2.19, but I got them anyway.

I bought 2 and I had 2 coupons for a $1/1 each that I printed. So, I got them for a total of $2.38 or $1.19 each

5. GE Reveal Bulb on sale for $2.14

I printed the $1.50 coupon from Targets website coupons

I got another coupon from the 4/18 Smart Source insert for $1/1

I got them for an overage of $0.36

6. Reach Dental Floss in on sale for $0.97

I printed the $1/1 coupon giving me an overage of $0.03

7. Pedigree Dentastix are on sale for $3.54

I used the $1/1 Target coupon that I printed

I used the $2/1 coupon that I got from the 4/25 Red Plum Insert

This made them $0.54

8. A 7 pack of Bic Pens was on sale for $0.99

I used the printed coupon and got it for an overage of $0.01

9. I got the Listerine Whitening on sale for $1.98.

I used the coupon I printed online for $2/1 giving me another overage of $0.02

10. I got one box of strawberries on sale for $1.49

11. I actually got two pounds of ground beef for $4.89 because it was a little cheaper per pound than the 1 pound.

12. I got the Mac and Cheese delux valued at $3.99 for FREE and a Cheese Deli Delux valued at $3.50 for FREE as well

13. Kraft Dressing was actually on sale for $1.50, not $2.29 each!

I had the coupon from some random mailer for $1/1 (Target coupon)

I had 2 $0.55/1 coupons from the 5/2 Smart Source Insert

And I had the B2G1 Free from Target's website

I got three Dressings for $.90 or $0.30each!!!

Some additional items I purchased: (these were not great sale items, but they are things I needed/wanted)***

14. I got two Huggies refill wipes 76ct for $2.39 each or $4.78 total

I had a printed coupon for $2/2, so I got them both for $2.78 or $1.39 each

15. I got six bananas for $1.15

16. I got a six pack of Jello for $2.79

17. Cool Whip was on sale for $1.19 each.

I had a coupon for B3G1 free so, I got four tubs for 3.57 or $0.89 each

18. I bought two Campbell's Soups for $1.89 each or $3.78 total

I had a $1/2 coupon making them $2.78 or $1.39 each

19. I used the $5/$20 (before coupons)purchase

My grand total for everything you see above was: $16.51

***If I had stuck with my original plan, my total would have only been $3.44, but this is a good lesson to show us how much stuff adds up when you do not plan for it! Those last few items I threw into my cart turned into $13.07 of my total!!

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