Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CVS and Walgreens Deals

So, I got a few good things today at Walgreen and a couple of things on Sunday from CVS, but it wasn't a spectacular week. Walgreens was out of a lot of my "money makers" but here is what I got:

At CVS, I got two Gillette Body Wash (no picture), 12 oz. They were on sale for $4 each with $4 worth of Extra Care Bucks for each one. I also used a coupon for $4 off the purchase of two Gillette Body wash from the Proctor and Gamble insert from 5/2. So, it was $8-$8 in ECB-$4 coupon. My grand total was: FREE with a $4 profit!!

At Walgreens, I bought 2 sets of Ouchless barrettes for $2.54 each. They each had a $3 register reward, so I got them for FREE with a $0.92 overage.

I also bought 6 Oscar Meyer Deli meats that were $2.12 each, making it a total of 12.72. I had two $1/2 coupons and two $1/1 coupons, so that brought my total down to $8.72/6 packs or $1.46 each.

I bought two Kraft Cheese slice packs for $2.12 as well.

I bought 2 Oscar Meyer Weiners that were B1G1 free. So, I paid $2.54 for 2, then I also had a $1/2 coupon, bringing my total to $1.54 for both or $0.77 each.

My total for the food was: $12.38. It was all Kraft Brand foods, and when you spend $30 BEFORE coupons, you can send in for a $10 rebate. Even though this wasn't quite $30 yet, I am close.

With the rebate, this food would only cost me $2.38. That is $2.38 for 10 items!!!

I bought two 27ct packs of Huggies diapers at $15.30/2. They also had a $3 RR when you purchased two. I also had two $3 coupons, bringing my total to $6.30 for two or $3.15 for a pack OR $0.12 a diaper, which is important to me because the best "regular price" deal I have ever found is $0.24 each! NICE...very happy about this.

I bought some contact lens solution that was on sale for $6.79 with an $8 RR. I also had a coupon for $2 off from the Red Plumb insert from 5/16. My total for this product was FREE with a $3.21 OVERAGE!

The last thing that I bought was some Huggies swimmers that were on sale for $5.94. Walgreens had a coupon for $2 off and I had a printable coupon for another $1.50 off making them $2.44. They are normally $8.99 a pack!

So....my grand total for Walgreens was: $6.99!!


  1. Hey! I'm not posting comments very often, but I want you to know that I am reading this! You are inspiring me to save! I'll be headed to Walgreens and CVS tomorrow for my deals! Blessings! Anna