Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Meal Plans

4/19-Rotersserie Chicken, green beans, and mac and cheese=$4.75 meal!!


4/21-Turkey meatballs with spaghetti and asparagus-$6.00 meal

4/22-Pot Roast-$6.00 meal

4/23-Grilled Chicken and asaragus-$8.50 meal

4/24-Turkey meatloaf-$6.00 meal

4/25-White Chili-$4.00 meal


4/27-Grilled Chicken and green beans-$3.50 meal

4/28-Hamburgers and salad-$6.oo meal

4/29-Tacos-$7 meal

4/30-Grilled Chicken, green beans, and mac and cheese-$4.00 meal

5/1-Lasagna and salad-$9 meal

5/2 Leftovers

Total: ~ $65 for two weeks worth of dinners!

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