Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another major success!!

So, today, I went and did some shopping at Walgreens! Remember military peeps, that you get 15-20% off on Tuesdays (at least you do here in FL). I bought 19 items, spent $19.90 and saved $22.28! That is a savings of 53%!! I know that wasn't a coupon savings, but I count it because I did a lot of work to save that much. I used coupons, weekly ad deals, and bought specifically on Tuesday to save the military discount! If we just count coupons, then I saved 29%! The two best deals of my day were:

Pepsi products were on sale, 2 liters for $1.00 and then I got the 15% off, so each 2 liter was only $0.85. That is like at least $0.20 cheaper than the commissary...I know...I just checked!

They had a sale on Right Guard deodorant, 2/$5. I got the two, downloaded two coupons for a total of 2.50 off, then got the military discount, so I only ended up paying $ 0.87 EACH. They are normally $3.50 each at Walmart!!

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