Saturday, July 31, 2010

My CVS plan for tomorrow

Well, some of you are asking that I show you my plan for how I will save my money, so here is my attempt. I will visit CVS in the morning and I hope to get all of these deals:

Gillette Fusion Razors are on sale for $9.79. They have a $5 ECB and I have a coupon from the PG 8/1 for $4. So, this will be $0.79

CVS also has an offer where when you buy $25 (before coupons) worth of specific products (on front of sunday flyer), you get a free 8pk of Bounty paper towels. Here is what I am going to do to get this deal:

*Dawn is on sale for $0.97. I have a $1 coupon from the PG home mailer so my total will be an $0.03 overage.
*Charmin 16pk toilet paper on sale for $9.99. I have a coupon from a home mailer for $1.00, making it $8.99
*Pampers Diapers are $9.99. I have a coupon from a home mailer from Pampers for $3.00 off, making them $6.99
*Tide is on sale for $5.94. I have a coupon from PG 8/1 for $1.00 off, making it $4.94 for 40 loads

SO, all of that (before coupons) = $26.89, which means I will get the Bounty, worth $7.99 for FREE! Also, because you can scan in the Bounty FIRST, I can also use a $1.00 coupon that I got from a home mailer for the Bounty, giving me a $1.00 overage on the Bounty.

The next thing I am going to get is a pack of Pamper Wipes costing $3.49. I have a coupon that was on another wipes container worth $1.00. CVS also had a coupon a couple of weeks back for $4 off when you buy diapers AND wipes, so since I am buying both, I will get the wipes for an overage of $1.50.

SOBE's are on sale B1G1 free. I have a coupon from their website for B1G1 free. That will cancel each of them out making them both FREE.

Revlon has their stuff on sale B1G1 1/2 off. I am going to get some mascara worth $7.50 and use a $1 coupon from the 7/11 SS and an eyelash curler worth $5.99 and use another $1 coupon from same flyer. The curler will be $3 after the 1/2 off and after the two $1 coupons, I will get them both for $8.50. Still seems like a lot but I need them both.

Finally, because I am signed up to receive emails from CVS, I got a $5/$30 purchase in my email this week.

My total before that coupon will be: $27.68. Then minus the coupon, my grand total will be: $22.68!!

So, for $22.68, I will get:

1 180 ct Pampers Wipes
1 30 ct Pampers Diapers
Revlon Mascara
Revlon Eyelash curler
1 10.3 oz. Dawn dish soap
1 8pk Bounty Paper Towel
1 16pk Charmin Toilet paper
1 Gillette Fusion Razor
1 40 load Tide

I'll let you know tomorrow how well I did!

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