Thursday, July 15, 2010

CVS Trip

So, I have been out of it the last few weeks, but I did make it to CVS last night. Although I do not have a picture, here is what I got:

Neutrogena Facial Cream for $34.99. I printed a coupon from their website for $5 off. They are also offering a full purchase price MIR this week only, so my total for this was an OVERAGE of $5.

I also got an electric Gilette Fusion razor. It was on sale for $9.97 with a $5 ECB. I also had a $4 coupon from the PG 6/6. My total was $0.97 Normally, this is an item I would wait to get unless it was free but it is Brent's favorite kind of razor.

I got two John Freida shampoo that were on sale for $10/2, with a $5 ECB. I had two $3 coupons which made the amount an OVERAGE of $1.

Lastly, I got three 8 packs of Mt. Dew for $8. Then, I got a free bag of Tostitos for buying three boxes.

My total at CVS last night was: $2.97. HOWEVER, the last time I was at CVS, I received $13 of ECB just because I am a card member. They will often just send you free ECB based on how much you have "spent" in the store over a period of time. So.......I actually paid nothing, and still have $10 worth of free ECB to use next time!

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