Thursday, June 10, 2010

Target Trip Today

Target purchases:

This was a full blown trip today....not just a coupon trip, so there is quite a bit of stuff that I needed.
1. Pampers Wipes: $2.39-$2 coupon from the PG 6/6 insert=$0.39

2. Johnsons Baby Wash $2.99-$0.75 Target coupon-$1.00 coupon from..not sure=$1.24

3. Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer $6.99-$3.00 Target coupon-$5 manuf. coupon from their website= -1.01

4. Tostitos=$3.00

5. Quaker Granola Bars $1.92 x 8=$15.36-$3.84 because it was B3G1 Free. I also had $0.75/2 coupon from..not sure=$10.77 for 8 boxes

I also had a coupon that if you bought 5 boxes of the granola bars, you got $3 off fresh fruit. So, I bought some bananas and 6 apples that totaled $3.86, so I got the fruit for $0.86

6. I had a coupon that was $5 off the purchase of $20 worth of frozen food (before coupons). So here is what I did:

Tyson Chicken Strips were on sale for $5.99. I had a coupon for $1.00 off, making them $4.99.

Eggos were on sale for $1.75 and I bought 3 to =$5.25-3 $1 Target coupons=$2.25

Lean Pockets were on sale $5/3. I bought 4 to =$6.66

Total for all: $13.90-$5 coupon=$8.90 or about $1.10 each

7. Green onions=$1.19

8. Refried Beans=$0.99

9. Salsa=$1.43

10. Ronzinni Pasta was on clearance for $0.64 each. I bought two to = $1.28

11. Classico (our favorite pasta sauce) 24 oz was on sale for $1.84. I bought two to =$3.68-$1.00 coupon=$2.68 for both

12. Classico 48oz was on sale for $3.59. I had a $1.50 coupon to =$2.09

13. Bell pepper=$0.99

14. Sour cream 8oz. with coupon=$1.19

15. Cream cheese=$1.42

16. Reb Baron pizzas were on sale for $2.89-$1.50 coupon making it $1.39

17. Amorall Glass cleaner on sale for $2.69-$2 mauf. coupon=$0.69

18. Olay Body was was on sale for $3.54-$4 coupon from PG 6/6 insert= -$0.46

19. Purina Dog food on sale for $16.99-$2 Target coupon= $14.99

Grand total: $54.02

Not anything to scream about, but it is pretty good since I saved $38.50 just on coupons....and I needed a lot of stuff....

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