Saturday, January 30, 2010


So it has been a long time since I have posted on this website. I am not sure anyone even reads this thing, but I am going to start (at least try to) this thing back up.

So..I have meal planned for the next two weeks. Here is my plan:

Jan. 31-Chimichangas/Nachos
Feb.1-Small group-bringing mashed potatoes
Feb. 3-Left over Chili/Hotdogs
Feb. 4-Awards Banquet
Feb. 5-Home made pizza
Feb. 6-Chicken Stew
Feb. 7-Super Bowl snacks
Feb. 8-Chicken Parmesan
Feb. 9-Feb. 11-Scrounge/Leftovers/Soups/Sandwiches--Brent will be gone
Feb. 12-Chicken Parmesan
Feb. 13-Seafood
Feb. 14-Valentines Dinner

So...there you have it. I am hoping not to have to go back to the store for anything except bread and milk. We should be able to make it!!! I spent $118 on food for breakfast, lunches, and dinners, which totals out to $9.80 a day (this does not include the cost of the banquet food or the Valentines Day dinner). I am still struggling to save more than 10% in coupons, but since I get the commissary discount and the prices of a discounted grocery store (Aldi), I guess it is ok.

I tried out a new place today...I am sure you have heard about it. It is called Aldi. I have heard you can save LOTS of money by shopping there and I SURE did! They have LOTS of staple items, which i stocked up on. They have lots of vegetables for me to use in my recipes for dirt cheap. I was very impressed with what they had. They even had a few brand names. Most of it was just off brand, but I saw several brands that I recognized. I am not too proud to shop there. Heck no...I left with THREE bags full of groceries for only $23!! The rest of the stuff I bought at the commissary. I still haven't decided if I can get better deals at Walmart or the commissary. It seems like I can get more canned goods or anything that has a Walmart brand cheaper at Walmart, because the commissary doesn't have a brand...but if I have to by an actual brand name or meat, the commissary is cheaper.

I will pass on my knowledge as I find it :)

For now....

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  1. Glad to see you back, and happy that you are continuing your desire to save money in 2010! =) If you really want to make a decision between the commissary and WalMart you should watch the WalMart documentary - I promise you would never shop there again!...Definitely not worth the dollars saved to support such an industry...Sounds like you are finding great ways to save money on your meals! For me the biggest savor is my new freezer!! LOVE it....blueberries and strawberries are in season right now so you can get two big containers for $5. I have frozen a bunch over the past two weeks and they are perfect for my morning smoothies! Saves tons of money since a small bag of frozen fruit is like $7...Anyway, welcome back to blogging!