Sunday, November 15, 2009

Steak dinner

So, here is just a run down of how much money we can save eating at home versus going out for the same meal. Clearly steak is not quite as frugal as chicken or ground beef, but it is ok to splurge every once in a while. Tonight, we are eating a steak dinner which includes steak, of course, green beans for kids, mac and cheese, and salad for the adults. This will also include milk for the kids and a soda for each adult. I did not keep an exact count, but we are going to spend roughly $10.oo for the entire meal. How, you ask? Well, I buy in bulk. So, all the sides, except the salad are bulk items and the steak was on sale so for enough steak to feed our whole family, I did not even spend $6.oo.

Next, I will give you an example of how much it would cost us to to eat at a local steak joint. And, this place is one of the cheaper steak places, not Ruth Chris or anything outrageous. For us to eat, which would include TWO steak dinners and TWO kids meals usually, four drinks, tax and tip, would cost roughly $48!! So, we have just saved ourselves almost $40!! I will be giving more examples of this as we take this journey together or feel free to share your great eat in deals versus eating out.

However, I will say this. I LOVE to eat out because there are no dishes to clean afterward, so this is a challenge for me. BUT, how can you resist the "extra" $4o, which for us, helped send us to Disney one day this weekend!

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